How would you like to enjoy a trip to Cuba with your friends and learn all about its music? When it comes to its music, there are the instruments, the performances and also its dances! Their dances is never complete without their very own Cuban music. One of the reasons why travelers love to go to Cuba is because they have booked themselves music tours – thus engaging in the musical culture that the Cubans live and breathe with everyday. Because of its syncretic nature that perpetuate most of the music in Cuba, their music is oftentimes considers one of the most influential and richest music of the world.

Most of the packaged tours Cuba when it comes to music involves visiting various cities that has its own distinct music and dance forms. Generally, the group starts at Havana, which is a city filled with the most spirited and rhythmic energies in the Americas. Those who visit this place will be able to experience the unique combination of the faded architecture that dates back in the Spanish era, vintage America cars and the streets that are bursting with beats of Afro-Hispanic rumba. Your music tours does not only involve mainly in music, but it will also cover the history and the music culture of the Caribbean. When you get past Havana, you will visit Trinidad next, which is one of the World Heritage cities widely known for its culture in voodoo, wealth and incredible lifestyle filled with music. This will follow up with a visit to Camaguey, where you will certainly visit one of most respected dance companies of Cuba, Ballet de Camaguey.

cuban music tour

You will also be able to visit Santiago de Cuba, where you will witness the music capital of the entire Caribbean. This was once the hotbed for revolutionary activity, but right now it is the home for sol, which is the combination of tribal African percussion and Spanish guitar. You will then be treated to a performance with their distinctive music, you will be given an opportunity to put your skills of what you have learned from the music culture of Cuba. Some might even want to engage in a musical performance while others can provide the theories that they have learned all the way from the first place they have visited. Sometimes, there are other individuals in your party that will go out of their way to learn the basic music and dance forms of Cuba, but this is not always entertained especially if you have booked your travels with a fixed itinerary.

If you wish to learn about how you can play Cuban music while on tour, you must plan your trip ahead first. Before you even reach Cuba or even book your ticket, take a break and relax first. Think about the reason why you want to visit Cuba and if your reason is to learn how to play Cuban music, you might want to consider taking a music lesson package tour as it will give you an exclusive class with some of the most prestigious and respected musicians in Cuba. You can also choose to have private lessons with them, too, if you are willing to pay for it.

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