Do you love strawberry jams? How about blueberry jams? Or raspberry jams? If your answer is a big yes, then you’re definitely in for a treat. Here is a quick instructional guide on how to mix these three berries and make your very own homemade triple-berry jam! Now, everyone knows how a strawberry or a raspberry or blueberry has each of their own nutritional benefits, so basically combining the three would be like a super food!

tripple berry

Three of the world’s healthiest foods mixed into one jam giving you three times the nutritional benefits and three times the delicious goodness like other homemade jam Australia. Now, what you will be needing are the basic ingredients to make this mouthwatering jam. You would need three cups of freshly picked strawberries and one and half cups of blueberries and raspberries, three-quarters of cane sugar, a zest of lemon, and a couple of teaspoons of lemon juice.

The first step, of course, is for you to thoroughly clean and wash the berries. Make sure that they are free of dirt and debris or any other foreign object. Then it is time of the hulling to take place. After doing the hulling to all berries, crush all the hulled berries. Crush them finely into a mixture of pulp. It is also preferable to slice them up for easy crushing of the berries. Now, in your cooking pot, pour in your crushed berries and your sugar. Let them heat for about an hour or two while checking if the mixture has melted into a syrup. When your mixture has successfully mixed, place your pot on a stove top and let it heat in medium heat.

Let it heat to a boil and then after lessen the temperature to medium-low while continuously whisking the mixture in order for the berries to be thoroughly dissolved in the mixture until it produces a thick foam. Now, put in the mix your lemon juice and the lemon zest and stir. Now with that all done, take your end product and put them into glass jars for storage. Make sure that your containers are sterilized and cleaned. Any sign of bacteria could ruin your tripe berry jam even if untouched in your kitchen. You can wash your jars with hot water and boil the lid to make sure there are no signs of germs in them. Anyway, going back, let your jams cool down in the jars.


Then you can put them in your storage drawers or in the ref if you like them cool and yummy. Wasn’t that easy? And you did all of that at the comfort of your humble abode. Convenient, isn’t it? Now, this super jam containing all your favorite berries in one surely would be a treat to all berry lovers out there. Pair it with your delicious bread or put it in your oatmeal, you can even make it as a cake topping. Whatever recipe you want, whenever you want it. Make every day a jam with your tripe berry jam!

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