What’s A Bistro and Where Did It Come From?

A bistro, is what you have called a small restaurant which serves moderately priced meals in a setting which is modest. Even though, its name comes from the Russian word bistro which means “quickly”, bistro is in fact the legacy of French tradition. Some say that during the Russian occupation of Paris in 1814, Russian gave this name to the places which served affordable meals and of course drinks. Typically, bistros serve home-style cooking which basically boils down to slow-cooked dishes.

Birstro Food Personality Test

But how is the food you order in your favorite bistro related to your personality? Well it’s really simple, the food you order reveals the best what kind of person you are, and it tells a lot about your character. Take a look at the following list of classic French bistro dishes and find out more about yourself.

Steak Tartarefrance_bistro_1900

You are the no-bullshit-person. You don’t take ‘no’ for an answer. You are courageous, adventurous, and you always like to experiment.

Steak Frites

In your company, you are the ‘dependable’ one. Your friends can always count on you when they need help. Sometimes you are even a little bit predictable.


You like to try out new things. You are an eccentric loved by all. People often want to approach you, but they don’t know how.

Cheese Platters

You are very polite, with extremely established manners. You’re also a very calm person. However, you do like to try out new things, you just cannot do them for a a long period of time.

Duck Confit

You are very traditional, even though you would like to pretend that you why are adventurous and interesting. Furthermore, you are well organized and hard working.

Stews (Coq au Vin, Cassoulet, Bouillabaise)

You are a very emotional person. You really enjoy long walks on the beach and cry watching romantic movies. Also, you are very attached to your family, and cannot imagine your world without them, especially your grandma!


You don’t have time even to eat! Always in a hectic schedule, always working 120% – but still you take time to take care of your health, and you really tried to lead a healthy lifestyle.


On a good day, you are the best friend anyone can wish for. However, if you’re in a bad mood the entire world better watch out! You change your opinions and your emotions far too easily and very frequently!


You all are tender person who needs much love and devotion from all the people who surrounds you. In return, you give your internal love and devotion back to people who you consider your friends. However, your family always comes first!

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